Historical Background of Ibadan South West Local Government
Ibadan South West Local Government, established on the 27th of August, 1991, emerged as a distinct entity from the then defunct Ibadan Municipal Government (IMG). This significant administrative shift occurred during the tenure of General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd), the former Military President of Nigeria. The restructuring was part of a broader initiative by the Federal Government to foster equity among the states in the Federation through the creation of more local governments. With a sprawling landmass of approximately 224.55 square kilometers, Ibadan South West Local Government stands as one of the largest local government areas in Oyo State. This expansive geographical coverage contributes to its prominence within the state's administrative framework. Situated in close proximity to the Government Reservation Area (GRA) Iyaganku, the local government's administrative headquarters is strategically located at Oluyole Estate. This central location facilitates efficient governance and accessibility for residents. Ibadan South West Local Government has earned a reputation as one of the most economically viable areas in Oyo State. This distinction arises from the concentration of a significant portion of the state's industries within its borders. The local government boasts the largest share of industries and companies in Oyo State, with nearly 50 percent of these establishments situated in the Oluyole Estate. The remaining industries are strategically distributed across the broader local government area. The industrial landscape of Ibadan South West plays a pivotal role in the economic development of Oyo State. The concentration of diverse industries contributes not only to job creation but also to the overall economic vibrancy of the region. The local government serves as a hub for various sectors, fostering a dynamic business environment that benefits both residents and businesses alike. The demographic landscape of Ibadan South West reflects its significance within the state. With a total population of two hundred and eighty-three thousand and ninety-eight people, the local government plays a crucial role in the social fabric of Oyo State. The diverse population contributes to the cultural richness and societal dynamics that characterize the region. At the helm of Ibadan South West Local Government is the Executive Chairman, Hon Kehinde Adeyemi Akande. Sworn into office on December 23rd, 2019, Hon Akande assumed the responsibility of leading the local government into a new era of development and progress. His tenure has been marked by initiatives aimed at enhancing infrastructure, promoting economic growth, and addressing the diverse needs of the local population. In conclusion, Ibadan South West Local Government stands as a testament to the commitment of the Nigerian government to equitable development. From its inception in 1991 to its present-day status as an economic powerhouse within Oyo State, the local government continues to evolve and contribute significantly to the broader narrative of regional progress and prosperity.
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