Welcome to Ibadan South West Local government

What we stand for
Vision Statement
Ibadan South West Local Government envisions pioneering sustainable solutions, meeting community needs, and generating job opportunities. Our vision is to create a dynamic, resilient locality through transformative initiatives, embracing innovation, and ensuring inclusive growth. Committed to progress, we strive to build a vibrant, forward-thinking community where every resident has the tools and opportunities to thrive, contributing significantly to overall welfare and advancement.
Mission statement
To empower and provide for developmental projects in fundamental amenities, infrastructure, and skills acquisition, among other initiatives. Our mission is rooted in enhancing the quality of life, fostering sustainable growth, and creating opportunities for skill development. Committed to community welfare, we strive for excellence in basic services and infrastructure, ensuring a resilient and thriving local environment. Through strategic initiatives, our mission extends beyond provision, aiming to cultivate a self-sufficient and empowered community that flourishes with continuous growth and prosperity.
Core Values
Empowering Communities, Enabling Progress: Our core values embrace transparency, inclusivity, and accountability. We prioritize community well-being, fostering unity, and delivering essential services with integrity. Through collaboration and innovation, we strive for sustainable development, ensuring every voice is heard, and every individual thrives in a safe, nurturing environment. Our commitment to fairness, equity, and responsible governance defines us, driving positive change and prosperity for all within our local government.
Ibadan South West Principal Officers
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 16:00
Oluyole Estate, Ring Road area, Ibadan, Oyo State.
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